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Texas Hold’em Poker

Hands are no less central to Poker. While playing Texas Hold’em , as a player you should always know what to do with your ‘starting hand’. There are two situations – Pre- Flop and Post- Flop.

In Pre-Flop, you should fold, or if you are in the big blind you should check, if your cards are not ‘connectors’, ‘suited’, ‘wired’, ‘small gaps’, and when the values are eight and lower. Your chances of catching a good hand are slim to none.

In case of a Post Flop, after the flop you want your hand to get better. If you began with a monster pair like two kings or two aces and the flop did not improve your hand, you're probably still okay to play. Or else, you're hoping to move up to two pair or three of a kind to feel pretty strong with your hand. If you have top pair, for instance, if the flop is king, 10, 2 and you started with a king and a five, and then you might be doing pretty good. If you are dealing with a big raise or a big bet and your hand did not improve, you should likely fold. Chasing after a poker hand that entails five cards to make, such as a flush or a straight, is a good way to lose money. If you were lucky enough to make a flush or a straight with the flop cards and your pocket cards then you should bet very aggressively.

From here on you would begin to learn the intricacies of the game as you play. Keeping these basic strategies in mind will certainly help you hold onto your money, and make a little more, while you learn.

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