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The books on Poker are quite essential for all levels of players. There are different works in line with the level and understanding of individual players. For players of beginner and advanced levels, the title “The Theory of Poker” by David Sklansky remains a favourite.

For Low Limit Hold’em games for beginners “Winning Low Limit Hold’em is useful. In this book Lee Jones, has updated and expanded to include treatment of online poker and no-limit hold'em single-table tournaments. It elucidates the necessary tools in order to make money at low limits. The reading is awfully easy and should take about a day or two to finish. Still single reading is not enough. The more one reads it the more one understands how to win at low limits. The section on question and answer is a great way to fully digest the material. Though the book was written before the online poker revolution, you can simply compare the wild cardroom games discussed with loose online tables. This is evidence to tight-aggressive play and it would help to show you why you should play even tighter and even more aggressive online at small-stakes tables. In case you buy one book on limit Hold'em, this should be the title.

Poker Books Recommended

Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book is an outstanding choice for the advanced players on No-Limit cash games. This book by one of the most-sought after players and expert in tournament and cashgames all over the world includes all possible information, tactics, ideas and ways of looking at situations while playing No-Limit Hold’em The book is pint-sized and comes in a green jacket and might fool many to believe that it is just another book on poker play. But the truism that good things come in small packages was in fact coined for this book. It remains a lighthouse of advice for and insight into winning strategies for No Limit ring games.

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