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Poker Tells

Poker is played on a multiplicity of levels. Players at beginner’s level play poker based on their hand values. They discover what the odds are of their hands being the best and they bet, check and fold based on these odds. This is the basis of poker and crucial to learning the basics of the game. In reality, players can often strike low limit games just by playing well at this level.

The next level of poker involves fine-tuning your bet, check and fold decisions by trying to ascertain what your opponent is holding. This permits a player to increase their profits per hand by folding good hands that they would by and large bet or call based on odds alone when they think their opponent(s) hold a better hand or by betting or calling hands that they would normally fold if they conclude that their opponents have a worse hand.

One valuable way of determining what your opponent is holding is by looking for poker “tells”. Poker tells are certain actions by your opponents that reveal the value of their hands. Tells are most often linked with live play. To be sure, many critics of online poker claim that it is next to impossible to pick up any poker tells online. This is not so true. Although it is indeed more difficult to pick up poker tells online, an observant player can nevertheless find them. Here we offer a listing of three common live play poker tells.

Live Play Tells

Looking at Chips: If you are caught up in a hand on the flop, do not look at it as soon as it is dealt. In its place, take a look at your opponent’s reaction to the flop. A lot of players would instinctively look down at their chips if the flop has helped them. Avoid bluffing to a minimal or play a marginal hand if you spot this type of tell.

Eye Contact: Players are more probable to make eye contact with you if they are weak hoping to signify strength and more likely to shun eye contact if they are strong hoping to symbolize weakness. If you find yourself in an insignificant situation, take a look at your opponent. If they are staring right at you, be more probable to call. If they are looking away, be more likely to simply fold.

Table Talk: Pay close attention to what your opponents are saying. If a player says that they are only in the hand since they want to go home often in tournaments or that they feel like gambling, they frequently have a monster hand. Likewise, talkative players that suddenly go silent also often have very strong hands. Refrain from bluffing and fold all marginal hands if you notice these types of tells.

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